International Partnerships

We specialize in international education and work in many ways to meet your needs.

Student Placement

We have relationships with public and private high schools and universities throughout the Great Lakes area where students can be placed. We work with public and private schools; with host families and with boarding schools. Our partner schools are high-quality schools and we continue to support your students throughout the year. We can help with interviews, applications, and final decisions.

Curriculum Sharing

Global education is vital for each country. It is important for students to have the skills and creativity necessary to thrive in the future. We offer partnerships in teacher training, shared resources, and development of curriculum in international schools.

Teacher Recruitment & Training

With more than 20 years of experience in training and hiring teachers, we can help you find, hire, and train staff to work anywhere in the world. Finding top teachers is the first priority of any school. Having partners who understand the US market and universities is vital for this process.

Short-Term Programs

We offer various short-term programs (1-4 weeks) for students, teachers and business groups of 5-30 people. Our programs focus on:

  • English language development
  • STEM-based learning
  • University tours
  • SAT preparation
  • American cultural experiences

Each program is academically focused and students will tour multiple universities as part of their experience. All of our programs are built around activities, field trips, and team projects. The focus will be preparation for English-based academic experiences and professional careers. Students will also enjoy daily leisure activities and excursions.